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Summer Webinar, Part Three: Working with the Pattern that Connects

In this workshop, we consider how three facets of the ‘pattern that connects’ – being, becoming, and love – can be invisibly present in our work with people, allowing what was unexpressed to emerge in a ‘flow’ where past and future, you and I, meet in an unfolding present.

The Art of Re•Patterning

Learn the Art of Re•Patterning, explore the Dynamics of Deep Transformation in the helping relationship – for practising and aspiring coaches, counsellors, therapists, committed to helping others change, learn, and grow profoundly.
Location: Pamporovo, Smolyan, Rodopi Mountains, Bulgaria
Date: 14-31 August 2020


Summer Webinar, Part One: The Pattern that Connects

Drawing on insights, from both East and West, this webinar offers a powerful introduction to the role of contraries in the unfolding of the 'pattern that connects'. Key contraries point to a powerful integrative mandala that can guide our work, touching us personally, while offering practical insights into the fine tuning of our professional practice. 29 June 2020, 17.00 UK time

Summer Webinar, Part Two: Connecting with the Pattern that Connects

How 'connecting with the pattern which connects’, something both beautiful and embodied, bridging the neurological, cognitive, and cultural unfolding of our humanity, makes all the difference in the helping relationship. 6 July 2020, 17.00 UK time

Working with Epistemology

A master class for those in the helping professions: helping your clients overcome resistance to change by working with epistemology and the hidden assumptions influencing what they do and who they are.
Location: On Line
Date: 6 - 11 June 2020

Our Approach

Our programme consists of short talks and discussions, supported by practical exercises to experience and integrate the principles and skills introduced in the seminar.

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