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Peter Wrycza, PhD, MCC (ICF), MP, ESIA (EMCC) is a world-recognized facilitator, mentor, coach and coach-supervisor, a published author, speaker and creator of the Conversations on the Edge of Silence approach.

For the past 45 years, Peter has been exploring the prerequisites for deep transformation and natural awakening working with individuals and groups in Europe and Asia. Out of this work (in collaboration with friend and colleague Jan Ardui) has emerged a unique holistic approach to personal and organizational development – ‘The Way of Unfolding’.

unique holistic approach

The Way of Unfolding

This approach, which he describes as a kind of ‘Tantric Advaita’, embraces the natural unfolding of things through the extraordinary interplay of opposites within the deep wholeness of Life. This work draws on a unique synthesis of the core of traditional Balinese wisdom and best Western practice. For Peter this approach is underpinned by extensive meditation and self-unfolding movement practices. Meditation deepens our attuning to, and grounding in, inner silence. Self-unfolding movement helps release the knots and tensions that mask inner silence in a business and restlessness.


Committed to supporting transformation and awakening in individuals and groups, Peter has trained, mentored, and supervised coaches and mentors in many countries for almost 20 years. He is the developer of Deep Transformational Coaching, and the Re•Patterning Process – a unique method for exploring and updating life-patterns.

More About Peter

With an academic background in literature, learning, creativity and higher states of consciousness, Peter is a former colleague of Tony Buzan and a graduate of Nathalie Rogers’ Person Centred Expressive Therapy Institute. He has been a major contributor to the field of NLP and his work has been recognized in many countries, including UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Morocco, Indonesia, India, Russia, Canada, and USA.

Besides his current interests around stimulating and supporting a natural Awakening through unfolding inner energy and awareness, in particular, through Generative Dialogue and gentle ‘Conversations on the Edge of Silence’, Peter likes to write about these matters.

He is the author of Living Awareness, and co-author of Moksha and Living in the Spirit with Luh Ketut Suryani. Co-author of When Performance Meets Alignment with Jan Ardui, he is currently writing about his experience with ‘innerdance’, in collaboration with its founder Pi Villaraza.

Originally from Norfolk, England, he is of mixed Polish, Italian, and English parentage. An avid traveller, and a curious learner, he speaks fluent French and Italian, with good conversational German and Indonesian. He enjoys creative writing in his spare time.

Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness in Bali

Peter is the founder of the Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness in Bali – an inspiring location, where East and West meet, for people to change, learn, and grow together, as they unfold inner awareness. When not teaching internationally, Peter is based at Nirarta, leading retreats, seminars, writing, and enjoying Balinese life.