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Non-Dual Awareness, Foundation to the Helping Relationship: 

Conversations on the Edge of Silence

For both AspIRING and EXpERIENCED Therapists, Counsellors, and COaches 


Peter Wrycza, PhD, MCC, MP, ESIA

Nirarta, Bali 9 - 15 March 2023

Our Purpose...

This 30-hour workshop will enhance the quality of your work with people in a natural way.

You will discover how change, learning, and growth happen naturally, when you approach your clients in an holistic way, grounded in non-dual awareness.  

You will enjoy a fresh take on what non-dual awareness brings to the helping professions, as you


  • Explore how Conversations on the Edge of Silence offer an integrative and transformative way of accompanying individuals, couples, and groups, in their development 
  • Tune effortlessly into the ground and source of Awareness connecting Self and Other
  • Let that subtle awareness bring another powerful dimension to your exchanges with others
  • Experience the transformative power of that Awareness as you flow fully with what unfolds within the shared field
  • Reflect on the deep currents of your life and work with fellow professionals
  • Enjoy the beauty and peace of Nature as a powerful partner in the evolving of transformational Conversations on the Edge of Silence

Refresh and renew yourself in a beautiful setting, at the Nirarta Centre, in the heart of the lush Sidemen valley – with twice-daily group meditation and sessions of ‘innerdance’ 

Our Approach...

In each of our ten 3-hour sessions, there will be a short introduction to the session themes and frames. There will be an opportunity to integrate these elements through discussion and direct experience in Conversations on the Edge of Silence and dialogue, both in small groups and in the whole.

Our approach is flexible, fluid, and responsive to what arises in the group and in each session.

'When I am silent, I fall into that place where everything is music.’

Our Usual Daily Schedule
& Programme

07.30-08.15      Morning Stretching and Awareness Meditation

08.30-09.30      Breakfast         

09.30-12.45      Morning session with 15-minute break 

12.45-14.15      Lunch and Relaxation   

14.15-17.15      Afternoon session                                

17.15-17.45      Break  

17.45-18.30      Evening Awareness Meditation

18.45-19.45      Dinner 

20.00-21.30      Evening gathering (one or two evenings)

Our Programme

– Arrival, registration, by 15.00 

– 17.30 Stretching and Meditation

– Evening (20.00): Initial gathering – welcome, introductions, orientation to Nirarta and to our programme

Morning Session: 
– What is Non-Dual Awareness?
– How do we recognize it?
– Why is it important?

– Creating and entering a reflective space
          Seeding silence
          Letting the pace slow

– Initial practice conversations in pairs and in the group


Afternoon Session:
– Abiding in Relational Presence
– Key perspectives, Self, Other, the ‘We’
– From Observer to Pure Presence

– Working with Relational Presence in Conversations on the Edge of Silence

– innerdance for lively relaxation and inner unfolding


Morning Session:
– Deep listening and non-dual awareness
– Listening ‘from the heart of silence’
– Cultivating the creative edge between knowing and ‘not-knowing’

– Practising deep listening, together and in small groups

Afternoon Session:
– The nature of duality and how it unfolds
– Dualities in our own unfolding
– Tuning into and tracking salient elements and drawing out the complementary polarity
– Unfolding and softening the dance of contraries

– Conversational practice, noticing and responding to contraries

Morning Session:
– Noticing important beliefs
– Drawing out the impact and nature of the influential beliefs 
– How to respond appropriately to beliefs

– Practising picking up and responding to beliefs

Afternoon Session:
– The nature and importance of gentle observation, attention to words, gestures, general demeanour, and the use of, and relation to, the body
– Noticing and responding to the physical correlates to inner experience – both internally in one’s own experience (vertically) and in interactions with others (horizontally)

– Conversational practice including observation and response to embodied patterns

Morning Session:
Metaphor and Symbol in Conversations on the Edge of Silence
– Noticing and crystallizing imagery as it appears
– Allowing that imagery to unfold and evolve itself
– Embracing symbol and silence, as the one illuminates the essence of the other

– Conversational practice noticing and responding to live and dead metaphors

Afternoon Session:
– Key elements of connecting patterns
– Tuning into connecting patterns

– Live demonstration
– Conversational practice tuning into connecting patterns

Morning Session:

– Tuning into and responding to deep underlying assumptions 
– Through enquiry and feedback

– Live example and conversational practice 

Afternoon Session:
From Parts to the Whole
– Integrating the various elements explored during the week in both pair and group Conversations on the Edge of Silence.

– Visit to a traditional Balinese High Priest for simple water blessing

– Closing conversation and celebration


Facilitator, Peter Wrycza

Peter Wrycza, PhD, MCC, MP, ESIA, founder of Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness. 

Peter has been drawn to explore the nature of awareness since as long as he can remember. In recent years this has manifested in his work with people, his interest in the development of those who work with people.

This programme explores the unfolding of that work through non-dual awareness in ‘Conversations on the Edge of Silence’.

Course Fees

$US975 / €895 / RP 14,595,000 (per person, twin share)
$US1085 / €999 / RP 16,280,000 (per person, single)

Please note

 Course fees include meals and accommodation (full board), from dinner on 9 March to lunch on 15 March. Not included: travel, transportation, any bank transfer charges.
If you require airport collection, or wish to stay for an extra night, please let us know

This Week Special Early Bird Rate!

If paid in full by 11 February 2023:               

$US875 / €800 / RP 13,100,000 (per person, twin share)