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From Insight to Awakening

OPening To Non-Dual Awareness in the HelpInG Relationship

New Online Programme

For psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, supervisors, Deep Transformational Coaching graduates who would like to presence unbounded awareness in their work with clients, 


Peter Wrycza, PhD, MCC

Ten 3-hour sessions, 2 - 30 January 2022

Introduction – from Insight to Awakening

For thousands of years, poets and philosophers, sages and saints, have reported that non-dual awareness can transform our relationship with the challenges and vicissitudes of everyday life.

While full awakening to this awareness may be rare, pure awareness is actually quite accessible – part of a natural way of being in the world, potentially available to each of us.

Pure consciousness is highly relevant to the helping relationship, whether for coaches, counsellors, therapists, or supervisors. For when we awaken to the reflexive purity of non-dual awareness, insight and resolution of the challenges we face emerges naturally. This matters both to ourselves and to the clients we accompany.

Our Programme

In this programme, we will deepen our relationship to pure awareness, while learning how to help others – whether individually or in groups – open to this primordial consciousness.

Whether we wish to work explicitly with non-dual awareness, or simply deepen the reflexive clarity and intelligent presence we bring to our practice, this programme will make a difference.  

  • It will profoundly heighten the quality of our listening, while enhancing our ability to see through the assumptions and unhelpful structures in our clients’ way of thinking.
  • It will help us help our clients transcend existing patterns, by freeing up a spaciousness in which contradictions may appear and resolve themselves naturally.

Our Process

Each session will have a minimum of cognitive input, to introduce a key theme, and provide some helpful frames and understanding pertinent to this approach.

In each session, there will be a mix of formal and informal demonstration of facets of non-dual work, unfolding over the ten sessions. There will be opportunities to practice exploring the distinctions introduced progressively throughout the programme, both in pairs and trios, and in the group itself.

Our aim is to deepen our real presence and responsiveness to what is present in ourselves and others at any moment. We will practise noticing what is ‘here’ and responding to it appropriately, whether one-to-one or in the group as a whole.

Please note

This programme was initially designed to deepen the effectiveness of the work of graduates of our Dynamics of Deep Transformation diploma training programme. It will interest practicing therapists, counsellors, and coaches with some experience, ideally at ICF PCC level or similar.


'The question "Who am I?" is not really meant to get an answer, the question "Who am I?" is meant to dissolve the questioner.'
– Ramana Maharishi –
Session Timings

East Coast USA


W Europe











Overview of Sessions

Each session, lasting 3 1/4 hours including a short break, introduces theme, example, experience individual and group.

Introduction and Opening: From awareness of content to content-less presence

From Time to Timelessness: Situating client preoccupation with preferred or problematic past and future events, in relation to being fully in the ‘here and now’

Space and Spaciousness: Client tendencies to divide self and world, and the opening to that which is beyond divisions and neither ‘here’ nor ‘there’.

Cognitive Constructions and their Gentle Deconstruction to Reveal the Non-Dual

Ground and Groundlessness: Undoing fixed conceptual and sensory-based reference points, to open to life ‘without a centre’, life without a ground

Identification and Dis-identification: Noticing and softening recurring client experiential identification to reveal non-dual presence

Embodied Awareness: Resolving the physical and energetic constraints to enjoying Unbounded Awareness

Perceptual and Perspectival Shifts: To point to, and reveal, Pure Awareness, prior to any particular position

Developing a Natural and Unobtrusive ‘Style’ in Enlivening Openness in One’s Clients

Integration: Enjoying naturally unfolding ‘Conversations on the Edge of Silence’ with clients

Course Fees

$US900 / €795

This Week Special Early Bird Rate!

Available until 26 December 2021:

                          $US765 / €675