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Professional Supervision


an ideal approach to supervision for professionals & leaders

Conversations on the Edge of Silence provide an ideal approach to professional supervision not only for those in the helping professions, such as coaches or therapists, but also for managers and leaders.
Conversations on the Edge of Silence are an excellent way to develop our capacity for ‘reflective practice’, both during the process of supervision itself and as a way of growing in that quality in our lives and work.
Sessions of supervision can be held in person or online, for both individuals and for groups.

Conversations on the Edge of Silence​

Individual Supervision

Individual supervision sessions through Conversations of the Edge of Silence typically last one hour. It is recommended to arrange an initial series of 6 sessions spread over as many as 6 months, at which point we can consider extending the relationship for a longer period.

1 hour sessions

initial series of 6 sessions spread over in 6 months

possibility for extending the relationship

Conversations on the Edge of Silence​

Group Supervision Sessions

Conversations on the Edge of Silence can also provide a frame for group supervision, for members of the helping professions, and also for executives and leaders, whether familiar with this approach or not. Group supervision provides a context to develop the capacity to reflect on our own and each other’s work. We can do this both in relation to particular cases and examples we encounter and in relation to the wider issues that arise for us personally and professionally.

Group supervision is available both in person (where convenient) and online. While one-off sessions are possible, it is recommended to commit to a process for at least six sessions.

for helping professionals

for executives and leaders

available in person

online sessions

Please note

Please note, Group Supervision Sessions are for a maximum of six participants

Supervision Sessions Events

Non-Dual Awareness, Foundation to the Helping Relationship: Conversations on the Edge of Silence

A five-day residential workshop-retreat in the hills of East Bali for both aspiring and experienced therapists, counsellors, and coaches. This 30-hour workshop will radically enhance the quality of your work with clients in powerful, gentle, and profound 'Conversations on the Edge of Silence'. Participants will deepen their own embodiment of non-dual awareness, while enlivening this liberating backdrop to experience in the relational field. We will learn how to situate client outcomes and challenges in ways of thinking and feeling that naturally resolve themselves as we see through them to the field of pure awareness in which ultimately all experience is reflected. Location: Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness, Sidemen, Bali Date: 9 – 15 March 2023
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Meta-Coaching: The Art of Making a Difference to Ourselves and Others

A three-day residential workshop in Bali for aspiring and experienced coaches – with international psychologist, coach, and pioneer first-generation NLP trainer, Sid Jacobson, PhD. A fresh take on what quality NLP brings to the field of coaching from one of the ground-breaking group of trainers, therapists, and coaches who were there at the start and helped make NLP happen. This 21-hour workshop will radically enhance your quality and capability, as both coach and meta-coach. Location: Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness, Bali Date: 5 – 8 Oct 2022
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From Insight to Awakening

Opening to Non-Dual Awareness in the Helping Relationship. For therapists, counsellors, coaches, and supervisors who would like to presence unbounded awareness in their work with clients. Location: Online (ten sessions of 3 1/4 hours, total 30 hours Date: 2 – 30 Jan 2022
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