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Meta-Coaching: The Art of Making a Difference to Ourselves and Others

Supporting Change & Personal Development for Compelling Futures

For experienced and aspiring coaches
and ALL those interested in the way PEOPLE DO AND DO NOT CHANGE AND DEVELOP
& WHO ARE KEEN TO ADD a coaching dimension to their work.


 international psychologist, coach, consultant, author, and pioneer first-generation NLP trainer,

Sid Jacobson, PhD

Nirarta, Bali 5 - 8 October 2022

What you will gain

A fresh take on what quality NLP brings to the field of coaching from one of the ground-breaking group of trainers, therapists, and coaches who were there at the start and helped make NLP happen.

This 21-hour workshop will radically enhance your quality and capability, as both coach and meta-coach. Through the essential knowledge and advanced skills covered, you will gain:



  • A more solid grounding in who you are – both as a coach and as a person
  • An holistic grasp of the way the ‘who’ meets the ‘how’ in our thinking, learning, and growth
  • A better understanding of the key ways we stay stuck
  • Fresh insight into how change happens and what to do when it doesn’t
  • Enhanced ability to support problem solving in almost any context
  • Greater wisdom to discern what can be influenced and controlled from what can’t
  • The ability to better manage states of mind for learning and development
  • Keys to transforming dreams into the future we have always wanted
  • A readiness to be your own best coach going forward

And – at the same time – refresh and renew yourself in a beautiful setting, at the Nirarta Centre – with optional twice-daily meditation sessions and extra sessions of ‘innerdance’ and ‘Conversation on the Edge of Silence’

Please note

 Course fees include meals and accommodation (full board), from dinner on 5 October to lunch on 8 October. Not included: travel, transportation, any bank transfer charges.
If you require airport collection, or wish to stay for an extra night, please let us know.

Programme Run Down

07.30-08.15      Morning Stretching and Awareness Meditation (Optional)         

08.30-09.30      Breakfast         

09.30-12.45      Morning session with 15-minute break 

12.45-14.15      Lunch and Relaxation   

14.15-17.15      Afternoon session                                

17.15-17.45      Break  

17.45-18.30      Evening Awareness Meditation (Optional)

18.45-19.45      Dinner 

20.00-21.30      Evening session (days 1 and 2)

Arrival, registration, by 17.00 

17.30 Stretching and Meditation (optional)

Evening (20.00): Initial gathering – welcome, introductions, orientation to Nirarta and to our programme

– Creating a learning mindset, both in our coaching and in our learning community

– Self-development: managing the meeting of identity and role

– A fresh take on neuro-logical levels – outcome-focused coaching as an expression of client growth and development

– Understanding the nature of problems

– What holds things in place: influential drives

– Influencing reference experiences: language and thought

– Working with multiple internal voices

– Encountering innerdance for lively relaxation and inner unfolding

– Working with ‘Solutions States’

– Goals, intentions, and procedures

– What changes, when change happens

– Solution states and problem solving

– Solution States – further practice

– Other operators: context, systems, and control

– Introduction to Conversations on the Edge of Silence and Generative Dialogue


– Levels of coaching: self and 

– From coach to awakener

– Beliefs and Identity

– Integrating and applying the ideas & skills explored

– The Dreams, Vision, Action process

– Conclusion and Closure. Programme ends at 17.15.

Sid Jacobson

Sid Jacobson, PhD is an internationally recognized expert in training and development. He has been a trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming for over 40 years. Sid has worked as a researcher, trainer, and consultant to professionals, hospitals, schools, clinics, businesses, and professional athletes. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Sid is author of five books on education and business, and co-author of another on writing, as well as many papers & articles. He currently consults and trains people in counselling, coaching and business all over the world. He has conducted training and provided consulting to many of the world’s largest multi-national corporations, in addition to schools, government bodies, universities, banks, and more.

This will be his first workshop in Bali.

Peter Wrycza

Sid will be accompanied by Peter Wrycza, PhD, MCC, MP, ESIA, founder of Nirarta and an experienced NLP trainer, coach, and coach-supervisor. Peter will lead the morning and evening stretching and meditation and the evening sessions of innerdance and Conversations on the Edge of Silence

'The deepest order of change that human beings are capable of demonstrating is epistemological change. A change in epistemology means transforming one's way of experiencing the world.’
Bradford Keeney