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Conversation On The Edge Of Silence


Experience Conversations on the Edge of Silence (COTEOS) one-to-one & in small groups. Also try individual and group Supervision. Want to learn more? Sample our short Workshops!


Check out our in-person retreats individuals and for groups. And our longer introductory and advanced seminars.

Conversations on the Edge of Silence

A fresh, new way to support change, learning, and growth among individuals, couples, groups, organizations, and communities.

Neither traditional coaching, counselling, nor therapy, Conversations on the Edge of Silence are grounded in a deep interpersonal connection.

When we truly listen to each other, and open to the common ground we share with all living things and with nature as a whole, what is vital to us can emerge and unfold naturally.

Generative Dialogue

Conversations on the Edge of Silence create the conditions for Generative Dialogue. In Generative Dialogue, we discover a way of exchange between people that is inherently creative.

As we listen to each other and surrender to the process, we open to a shared source in which the ‘heart of the matter’ can crystallize, as important and unexpected solutions emerge. At the same time, our relationships deepen and valuable insights into ourselves and each other appear.

Our Approach

Our approach is holistic. We attend to the way what is expressed outwardly in words is embodied. We are listening with the mind and the heart to the whole person and to the larger field we share. We are tuning in, at once, to what is expressed on the surface and the deeper currents explicit in it. Our experience with Re•Patterning and innerdance contributes significantly to this work.


Our fluid conversational COTEOS approach emerged from extensive research over decades exploring and updating connecting life patterns and defining assumptions about Self and World with individuals and groups through ‘Re•Patterning’. Re•Patterning offers a particularly focused and intense kind of proto-Conversation on the Edge of Silence.


Conversations on the Edge of Silence involve more than just talking. Our dialogue is embodied and inevitably touches the unfolding and expression of inner energy. Sessions of innerdance support Generative Dialogue by freeing our vital energy, which opens the bodymind to deeper insight, understanding, and to share what we receive.


Experiential Sessions

You can experience the benefits of Conversations on the Edge of Silence with Generative Dialogue in sessions for individuals, for couples, and for groups and teams. Such sessions are available in person and on-line.

Typically, we offer 1-hour sessions for individuals and somewhat longer sessions (1.5-3 hours) for couples, groups, and teams.
Sessions of Re•Patterning and innerdance typically take 2.5–3 hours.

Taster Workshops

If you want to learn more about the nature of Conversations on the Edge of Silence and Generative Dialogue and their applications in a range of contexts, we offer a number of short three-hour workshops introducing this approach.

We can offer these workshops in your location to introduce the COTEOS approach.


We also offer a number of longer workshops and retreats for those who want to take time out, for a restful break with a focus on personal reflection and growth. These retreat-workshops can be taken alone or in a group. In these retreat-workshops, we engage in Generative Dialogue, in the spirit of Conversations on the Edge of Silence, to support personal and shared growth and unfolding. If you are a member of the helping professions – a coach, counsellor, therapist, social worker, or consultant, facilitator, or team leader – or aspiring to these roles, and you want to learn more about Generative Dialogue and the Conversations on the Edge of Silence, we have a range of workshops available for you on request.

Upcoming Events

You may also be able to join one of our scheduled events, whether a short presentation or longer programme, whether introductory or advanced, either at Nirarta or in other parts of the world.

Meta-Coaching: The Art of Making a Difference to Ourselves and Others

A three-day residential workshop in Bali for aspiring and experienced coaches – with international psychologist, coach, and pioneer first-generation NLP trainer, Sid Jacobson, PhD. A fresh take on what quality NLP brings to the field of coaching from one of the ground-breaking group of trainers, therapists, and coaches who were there at the start and helped make NLP happen. This 21-hour workshop will radically enhance your quality and capability, as both coach and meta-coach. Location: Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness, Bali Date: 5 – 8 Oct 2022
Read More


If you are interested in reading more, we have a range of articles and longer publications about our work. A number of articles about Conversations on the Edge of Silence and related topics can be accessed here.

We also feature a number of short videos and interviews.

Conversations on the Edge of Silence – Beginnings

Reflections on our first Conversations on the Edge of Silence programme, Yasnopole Ecopark, 22-24 October 2016 Our first 3-day Conversations on the Edge of Silence programme held in the new
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Creating Coherent Teams

Creating Coherent Teams Introducing the Structural Coherence Model The article introduces some of the foundational elements central to  ‘Generative Dialogue’. Generative Dialogue offers a pathway to, and a modus operandi
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Conversations on the Edge of Silence I

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Resonance in Coaching and Leadership

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The Way of Unfolding

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About us

Conversations On the Edge of Silence and Generative Dialogue were developed in the current form by Peter Wrycza, PhD, a coach, consultant, and trainer from the United Kingdom, currently based at the Nirarta Centre, the retreat he founded in East Bali.

Conversations on the Edge of Silence are the fruit of a life-time of reflection on the nature of change and development in individuals and groups – and how such change and growth intersects with the unfolding of that profoundly creative awareness and intelligence latent within us all and within all things.


‘One of the most profound experiences I have had as a coach. Transformed my practice.’
DK, Sofia
Silence is the only state that can reach subconscious treasure and illuminate hidden precious jewels. In silence, the essential is manifested. Peter is a master of connecting spirituality with everyday life in a very natural way.
LP, Bulgaria
It was so rewarding to observe and be immersed in Peter’s deep and beautiful work. The method is really transformational and life-changing. Felt lots of love and warmth all along.
BM, Ukraine




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