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introducing key facets and applications

We offer a number of 3-hour taster workshops which serve to introduce key facets and applications of Conversations on the Edge of Silence and Generative Dialogue. It is possible to combine a selection of these standalone offerings in an introductory programme over two to three days. Participants can attend one or more of the various offerings, or all of them. Seven key options cover the following areas:

A general open introduction to the Conversations on the Edge of Silence approach

Introducing Conversations on the Edge of Silence and Supervision

Introduction to the Re•Patterning process

Conversations on the Edge of Silence and Awakening


Introduction to the nature and role of Conversations on the Edge of Silence in one-to-one work with clients

Introduction to Generative Dialogue in the group context

Option One:

What are ‘Conversations on the Edge of Silence?’

Seven Keys to Transformation and Awakening through Generative Dialogue

Ever wonder how real and lasting change happens? Even wonder what makes for a genuine turning point for individuals and whole communities? This workshop offers a comprehensive overview of the various ways Conversations on the Edge of Silence support growth and development in individuals and in groups.

It is an ideal opener for those interested in working with people. It is also a great way for practising coaches, counsellors, therapists, and other specialists to become familiar with this new approach. The Seven Keys workshop points to the way different levels of change contribute to the unfolding of both the helping relationship and of human systems in general.

Distinguishing between transactional and transformative approaches to the development of people, we demonstrate the power and place of Generative Dialogue in supporting truly transformational change. The workshop includes short talks, experiential exercises, and a sample demonstration of an actual Conversation on the Edge of Silence.

Option Two:

Conversations on the Edge of Silence:

Generative Dialogue and Creative Unfolding in Groups

In this experiential workshop we introduce Conversations on the Edge of Silence and Generative Dialogue as a way of supporting optimum unfolding in groups, teams, and communities. We explore the preconditions for Generative Dialogue and how to prepare ourselves and others for it. We will experience this magical process in small groups and in the creative unfolding of the group as a whole.

This workshop is for those whose work involves participation in, or facilitation of, groups, teams, organizations, and communities – coaches, councellors, consultants, HR specialists, managers, and leaders. All those interested in learning more about group coherence and the creative possibilities of self-unfolding groups are welcome.

Option Three:

Conversations on the Edge of Silence:

Generative Dialogue in the Helping Relationship
For existing or aspiring coaches, counsellors, therapists, and HR specialists

Whether you are an interested beginner new to the helping professions or an experienced coach, therapist or counsellor, this workshop will introduce you to Conversations on the Edge of Silence in the helping relationship.

Learn about this new approach. Discover a new way of working one-to-one in which you can achieve more while doing less. Enjoy the secrets of mastery in an approach that cuts across the boundaries of the helping professions to connecting patterns through deep listening and creative unfolding, from the place in which differences meet in the deep connectedness of life. Discover what are ‘Conversations on the Edge of Silence’, what is ‘Generative Dialogue’, and their importance in the new ways of being and working together that are emerging to meet the needs of our times.

Here we emphasize working one on one, in particular, but with connection to our unfolding as a group.

Option Four:

Conversations on the Edge of Silence:

The Art of Re•Patterning
An Advanced Workshop for Coaches, Counsellors, and Members of the Helping Professions

In this workshop, we introduce the Art of Re•Patterning and the Dynamics of Deep Transformation. Re•Patterning is a particularly deep and powerful form of Conversations on the Edge of Silence. It is a way of working with the whole person to help them understand, appreciate, and unfold the key connecting patterns that are influencing their lives and careers in both helpful and unhelpful ways, to free up more of their true inner nature. There will be a live demonstration of Re•Patterning with a client, feedback, discussion, and debrief about what we have observed and the approach. This programme will orient participants for the advanced 14-day ICF ACTP accredited training ’The Dynamics of Deep Transformation’ [Link] that will be held this year in Bulgaria, 14-31 July 2020.

Option Five:

Conversations on the Edge of Silence and Group Supervision for Coaches

Special Group ‘Intervision' for Practising Coaches: Reflective Practice in Coaching. What is it? Why is it important? And how can we develop it?

This session introduces an important approach to professional development for coaches and other members of the helping professions. In this gathering we experience the value of reflecting collaboratively on the edges of our work with people. We introduce the innovative process of Generative Dialogue, and show how it can be practically applied in group supervision – or more accurately ‘intervision’ – as we stimulate ‘reflective practice’, the foundation of deep work with clients and personal and professional renewal for coaches. Our session will both introduce this approach and offer an example of it as we explore this practice together, opening and renewing both ourselves and our work in the process.

Option Six:

Conversations on the Edge of Silence, Generative Dialogue, and the Miracle of Awakening

In this session, open to all, we explore how when we sit and settle together in Conversations on the Edge of Silence, we create a context in which, as we open to our own underlying source, we also enliven a beautiful field of awareness shared amongst us all.

In the interplay between the enlivening of group awareness and the growing clarity of awareness in each person present, something magical happens. Insight into our inner nature and what is important to each individual and to the collective emerges naturally. We both grow in awareness and find the blocks and resistances in the individual and in the collective resolving themselves naturally.

As we learn how to be and to be together, we find the impediments and obstacles to living in a good way resolving naturally. As we awaken, our awakening is a catalyst for others, and their awaking a catalyst for us.

Option Seven:

East Meets West:

Inner Energy and the Decolonizing of Consciousness – Encountering Innerdance

This session introduces the powerful process of innerdance. Innerdance is a fresh example of the activation of that vital inner energy which has appeared again and again down the ages in the many cultures around the world.

In its present form, as introduced and shared by Pi Villaraza, innerdance provides a way to accelerate the unfolding of a truly global consciousness through the release of inner blocks and the emergence of an integrative understanding of what we are and where we are heading.

Innerdance underpins accelerating unfolding through conversation and dialogue, by creating a context where the sclerotic boundaries of habit are softened and we open to more flexible insight. In sharing such insight, we discover and integrate even more about what had been glimpsed and barely taken in.

Then, in a larger frame, we find that understanding and experience meet in a holistic convergence of what is essential in the traditions of both East and West, as part of the new global post post-modern and post-colonial world slowly and edgily emerging at this time. As the critical differences between West and East, North and South, in our planet come into focus, can our individual and shared experience help illuminate and heal those differences? Can we attune ourselves to the extraordinary reciprocal dance between our own bodies and the body collective? In this age, the Anthropocene, our future and our very survival as individuals and as a species are intertwined with that of our planet as never before. Can we open to the energy and wisdom that will allow dialogue to become truly transformative and generative for this generation and those who are to come? Can we open to the kinds of dialogue that will allow our people to work together in the new, creative, and collaborative ways essential for navigating these challenging times?

Workshop Events

Non-Dual Awareness, Foundation to the Helping Relationship: Conversations on the Edge of Silence

A five-day residential workshop-retreat in the hills of East Bali for both aspiring and experienced therapists, counsellors, and coaches. This 30-hour workshop will radically enhance the quality of your work with clients in powerful, gentle, and profound 'Conversations on the Edge of Silence'. Participants will deepen their own embodiment of non-dual awareness, while enlivening this liberating backdrop to experience in the relational field. We will learn how to situate client outcomes and challenges in ways of thinking and feeling that naturally resolve themselves as we see through them to the field of pure awareness in which ultimately all experience is reflected. Location: Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness, Sidemen, Bali Date: 9 – 15 March 2023
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Meta-Coaching: The Art of Making a Difference to Ourselves and Others

A three-day residential workshop in Bali for aspiring and experienced coaches – with international psychologist, coach, and pioneer first-generation NLP trainer, Sid Jacobson, PhD. A fresh take on what quality NLP brings to the field of coaching from one of the ground-breaking group of trainers, therapists, and coaches who were there at the start and helped make NLP happen. This 21-hour workshop will radically enhance your quality and capability, as both coach and meta-coach. Location: Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness, Bali Date: 5 – 8 Oct 2022
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From Insight to Awakening

Opening to Non-Dual Awareness in the Helping Relationship. For therapists, counsellors, coaches, and supervisors who would like to presence unbounded awareness in their work with clients. Location: Online (ten sessions of 3 1/4 hours, total 30 hours Date: 2 – 30 Jan 2022
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