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Transformation and Awakening through Inner Awareness (4 days)

Our four-day foundational programmes provide insight and experience into the astonishing way our work and life can unfold creatively through the transformative power of conversations grounded in silence. These programmes explore how to work with Source and beyond to unfold mastery.

Our foundational programmes are primarily intended for those interested in experiencing and applying the Conversations on the Edge of Silence approach one-to-one or with couples in the helping professions. 

They are suitable for relative beginners, as well as those already involved in supporting the development of others as coaches, counsellors, or therapists. These programmes are for all those who would like to deepen their connection with the unseen yet inexhaustible well-springs of healing and transformation.

Please note

The programme can be adjusted for mixed groups, groups of complete beginners, as well as for experienced members of the helping professions. It is an ideal preparation for our advanced Dynamics of Deep Transformation, as well as a helpful follow-up to that programme.

Upcoming Foundation Programmes

Interested in our Foundation Programmes?

If you want to learn more about our foundation programmes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!