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Experiential Sessions


for Individual & Group Growth and Development​

Experience forms of Conversations on the Edge of Silence for your personal and professional development, whether one-to-one or in small groups.

Conversations on the Edge of Silence​

Sessions for Individuals (& Couples)

These sessions support growth and development in your personal and professional life. You may enjoy a session or series of sessions with Peter, if you:

Have something you would like to achieve or something mysteriously seems to be stopping you

Are at a turning point in your life, and would like to be able to explore what is happening to you and what might lie beyond

Or would you simply like to explore ’not-knowing’, and enjoy the new emerging miraculously in the space between

Have a sense of wanting to deepen your inner life & feel you are on the edge of something you can sense, but cannot quite reach

Want to explore what is happening in your relationship(s) and enjoy 'radical intimacy'

Are seeking to awaken to your true nature

Conversations on the Edge of Silence​

Six Session Options

Choose one of six Session Options for personal and professional development.

Available in person (at Nirarta, Bali) or online. Sessions typically last one hour

1. Unseeded Sessions – Following the Flow

From a place of ‘not knowing’, we innocently follow what is salient in the conversational flow, till insight or edge arise.  While coming closer to our true nature and Source.

2. Seeded Sessions – Addressing Issues or Outcomes

Here, a particular need or intention seeds our session. We allow it to unfold naturally till insight and resolution emerge in the space between us.

3. Awakening to our True Nature – Living Advaita

Discerning between the ever-changing contents of consciousness and non-changing pure awareness, we learn how to open to, and rest in, this unbounded, creative mirror to all that we encounter – both in the session and in life.

4. Radical Intimacy Partnering

For individuals and couples who would like to deepen their capacity for true connection, intimacy, and bliss in their relationships.

5. Professional Supervision

COTEOS sessions are the ideal way to develop ‘reflective practice’, the key capacity for coaches, helping professionals, and leaders wanting to renew and deepen the quality and direction of their work with people. 

6. Re•
Patterning Package

In Re•Patterning we unfold and transform deep and pervasive life patterns that shape our lives. For more detail, see below.

Please note

You may enjoy these sessions in person at Nirarta, in your area when we visit, or online. To book a session, contact us. Individual Conversation sessions are normally for one hour.
Conversations on the Edge of Silence​

Group Sessions

Besides one-to-one sessions, you can experience Conversations on the Edge of Silence and Generative Dialogue in a group – whether an existing team, organization, or community, or as a special ad hoc team that has come together to experience this approach. A group session may lean towards: personal development, creative problem solving, understanding process work in groups, exploration of, and awakening to, our true nature. Or we may simply open to not-knowing and allow something new to emerge in the space between us.

Mostly, our aim is to create a context in which whatever is important for those present can emerge.

You can request such a group for your visit to Nirarta. We can also offer such sessions online, or when we visit your area.

We suggest you allow from 90 minutes to 3 hours for a group Conversation on the Edge of Silence with Generative Dialogue.

personal development

understanding process work in groups

opening to ‘not knowing’ for the new to emerge 

creative problem solving

exploration of, and awakening to, our true nature

Please note

In these sessions, our primary focus is to support direct experience of an emergent conversation. We are less focussed on providing instruction for those wanting to facilitate this kind of approach. For that, try our Taster Workshops or one of our longer programmes.

Conversations on the Edge of Silence​

Re•Patterning Package:

Transforming Life Patterns

In Re•Patterning, we first tune in conversationally to the deep patterns and assumptions underlying your whole life, personal and professional. In a second phase, we create the conditions for those deep assumptions to be gently updated. 

Re•Patterning for individuals, takes about three hours, is available on request, in person at Nirarta and online. 

Written feedback and follow up sessions to consolidate and deepen experience and integrate insight are part of the Re•Patterning package.

A special in-depth Conversation on the Edge of Silence, Re•Patterning might be for you, if you:

want to understand what has been driving you and brought you to where you are

have reached a deep impasse in your personal or professional life that you would like to resolve

would like to understand and transcend patterns that have been recurring in your relationships

are at an important turning point in your life and would like to move beyond it

would like to understand the connecting pattern running through your life as a whole

would like insight into your true nature and resolve obstacles to awakening to it

Please note

For those who would like to go deeper into the Re•Patterning process with a view to sharing it with others, we recommend our 4-day foundation programme, Transformation and Awakening through Inner Awareness, and our 2-week intensive, the Dynamics of Deep Transformation.

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